Being having peace of mind.

There are many advantages to making pre-arrangements for your funeral service. Making pre-arrangements allows planning of the funeral in a relaxed setting so that less stress is placed upon your family at time of death. Making pre-arrangements today allows you to pay today's price for tomorrow's funeral - regardless of inflation.

Pre-arrangements are also important to anyone considering public aid. In addition to a set amount of cash assets, the State Department of Public Aid allows a pre-arranged funeral including casket, vault, cemetery property, grave marker or burial vault. It is wise to make funeral arrangements before the need for aid.

We have posted an online form that will walk you through the collection of information needed to make pre-arrangements for a funeral service. Click here to complete our pre-planning information collection form.

We can also arrange a convenient time to meet with you to address any questions or needs you may have. Contact us today.

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